That's a knowing ans
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 主题:That's a knowing ans 9UUA5uXhH1cM2016-12-26 15:11:44

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 回复:Right on Brenda John dls0nUGczWI2017-1-18 23:03:41

Right on Brenda Johnson, I’m all for good pay, but we ca2n#8&17;t afford to pay lifetime medical and pay benefits to retirees. This has been building for a while. Sorry but good luck gov
 回复:This is an arctlie t wVmPx2KA8m22017-1-17 14:59:02

This is an arctlie that makes you think "never thought of that!"
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 回复:Kick the tires and l AslIuJHy2D2017-1-12 2:11:40

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 回复:I told my kids we'd 5Bsx26vcsd2017-1-11 3:55:15

I told my kids we'd play after I found what I needde. Damnit.

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